Supermarket shop for May 22 for Croydon Castle

Well, this month’s shop was a bit more expensive than usual as I had to replace a few things like Worcestershire sauce which is quite expensive but lasts months. I hope that I have ordered enough that I might be able to get away with not doing a supermarket shop for June at all. We […]

Monthly Supermarket Shop for Croydon Castle – April ’22

As L was away for a couple of weeks in March, I have lots of cans left over from last month’s mega canned food shop. So, this month I have focused on stocking the freezer with good value products like fish cakes to make easy meals and to ensure L & J get some fish […]

The Croydon Kitchen monthly shopping list

In order to keep my mind active, planning our communal shopping lists and menus have become something of an obsession. If I was working, I am sure I would not spend as much time on it as I do but a girl needs to have a hobby ! As usual, I am doing our monthly […]

February 2022 Food Planning

At the beginning of each month, I do a rough plan of what we will eat over the month and get a supermarket delivery of the basics. Of course, recipes get added to or removed from the plan, usually based on what meat is on sale/good value or which fruit & veg comes in the […]

Budget cookery: When re-inventing the wheel is a waste of time and money

Everyone knows I believe that homemade is generally cheaper and much tastier. I stand by that view in almost all cases. I make make a delicious pizza loaded with toppings for under £2 a person so why would I buy it readymade? I’ve got a tight budget to consider. It takes very little time and […]

My tips for planning my food shop

Because I am spoilt by our government and given a whole £350 a month to live on, I have to think really carefully about what food I buy. That said, as we are all locked down and not able to do anything remotely interesting, I simply refuse to make my really small life feel any […]

Why I watch cookery programmes

I obviously enjoy cooking.  This site would not exist if both Georgia and I did not get pleasure from pottering around in the kitchen.  But my obsession with cookery shows runs deeper than that. I watch them all.  Nigella.  Nadiya.  Saturday Kitchen. Mary Berry. Australian Masterchef (the best food programme on TV).  Sunday Brunch.  Rick […]

In praise of pasta (or cooking for one)

I eat more pasta than anything else. It is delicious, quick and as easy or as complicated as you want it to be. The reason I eat so much pasta is that it is one of the easiest meals to make the right amount of for just one person.   As someone who hates waste and […]

The importance of being open-minded about food

Through my work, I was lucky enough to spend time in Vietnam long before the US embargo was lifted and when less than 200 foreigners a year went to the country.  I went to Halong Bay for a long weekend and there were six foreigners in the whole area.  Pre-pandemic, I bet you would be […]

How I use my freezer

Growing  up in a hot country, a freezer is a must. Mum was obsessed with hers – households didn’t have freezers when she was a kid.  She must have passed this obsession on to my sister and me.  As a single person, it is invaluable as so much of what we buy is (understandably) packaged […]