Monthly Supermarket Shop for Croydon Castle – April ’22

A woman selects items from a supermarket shelf

As L was away for a couple of weeks in March, I have lots of cans left over from last month’s mega canned food shop.

So, this month I have focused on stocking the freezer with good value products like fish cakes to make easy meals and to ensure L & J get some fish every week. It is good for them and they both love it. I am not really a fish person so I will probably have left overs those nights. ASDA have a new 2 for £4 offer on some fish and meat products. By shopping wisely, I can get a protein element to a dish for either £1 or 66p a head.

Of course, there are still cans in the basket but it is a very different set of products to the last couple of months.

Rather than cook the same things every month, I do try to vary things as much as I can. Some of the favourites will always appear of course – like Jack Monroe’s Peach & Chickpea Curry or my Spinach Lasagne – but variety is the spice of life so they say so I do my best.

Here is this month’s list:

ASDA 2 Cod & parsley fishcakes,270g – £1.50
2 x Smart price peach slices in syrup, 411g, @ 31p
2 x Smart price custard, 385g, @ 30p
2 x Del Monte apricot halves, 410g, @ £1
3 x ASDA mozzarella balls, 125g, @ 70p
ASDA ricotta, 250g, £1.10
Smart price mature cheddar, 825g, £3.65
ASDA brilliantly buttery, 500g, 95p
2 x Smart Price longlife milk, 1 lt, @ 55p
5 x ASDA diet cola, 2 lt, @ 50p
2 x ASDA extra special tallegio, 200g, @ £2 (A gift from J as it is my favourite cheese)
ASDA crinkle cut chips, 1.5kg, £1.35
ASDA frozen spinach, 850g, £1.40
3 x Smart Price chopped tomatoes, 400g, @ 28p
2 x Smart Price new potatoes, 550g, @ 33p
Smart price kitchen roll, 99p
2 x ASDA gnocchi, 500g, @ £1.50
4 x Smart price garlic baguettes, 170g, @ 32p
ASDA medium freezer bags (50), £1.25

2 for £4 products
Turkey Sausages, 454g
Salmon fishcakes with melting hollandaise sauce, 290g (x2)
Smoked haddock fishcakes with cheddar & leek, 290g
Smoked haddock fishcakes with cheddar & Mustard, 290g
ASDA extra special Italian meatballs, 340g

As J has very kindly offered to buy the Talleggio as a present because I love it so much, the total spend is £38.89. This leaves around £100 for meat, veg, fruit, and incidentals for the rest of the month which is very doable. We have a lot of pasta, rice, noodles, chickpeas, beans, pastes, sauces etc in the cupboard which will get used along the way.

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