Supermarket shop for May 22 for Croydon Castle

Supermarket aisles from a shopping trolley's point of view

Well, this month’s shop was a bit more expensive than usual as I had to replace a few things like Worcestershire sauce which is quite expensive but lasts months.

I hope that I have ordered enough that I might be able to get away with not doing a supermarket shop for June at all. We shall see how it goes but that would be a real result, giving our little commune an extra £40-50 to spend.

As usual, SP stands for ASDA’s Smart Price range. Enormous thanks to Jack Monroe for the work that resulted in this ever increasing range of products.

I try to inject some variety into our meals so, although many of the same ingredients get ordered each month, they are often used in different ways.

So, without further ado, here is this month’s shop:

ASDA linguine, 500g 70p
SP kitchen rolls, 2 pack, 99p
SP peach slices, 411g, 31p
ASDA chicken stock cubes, x 12, 55p
ASDA vegetable stock cubes, x 12 55p
5 x KTC chickpeas, 400g, 30p
ASDA lime juice, 250g, 46p
Lea & Perrins Worcestershire sauce, 290ml £2.80
2 x SP custard, 385ml, 30p
ASDA rigatoni, 500g, 70p
3 x Laila light coconut milk, 400ml, 60p
4 x SP chopped tomatoes, 400g, 28p
ASDA tomato puree, 200g, 34p
2 x SP new potatoes, 550g, 33p
ASDA rice noodle, 250g, 99p
SP kitchen foil 20m, 58p
2 x Del Monte apricot halves, £1
2 x SP rice, 1kg, 45p
ASDA parmigiano , 290g, £3
SP cheddar, 825g, £3.65
3 x ASDA mozzarella, 125g, 70p
ASDA ricotta, 250g, £1
6 x SP garlic bread, 32p
ASDA taleggio, 200g, £2
ASDA Brilliantly Buttery, 500g, 90p
ASDA Frozen Spinach, 850g, £1.40
ASDA crinkle cut chips, 1.5kg, £1.35
ASDA self raising flour, 1.5kg, 45p

2 for £4 items:
Italian meatballs
2 x smoked salmon fishcakes
Pork chipolatas
2 x salmon fishcakes with hollandaise

Total spend: £49.74

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