Sharing money-saving tips in the time of Truss

It is hard not be political at the moment. The UK is in a cost-of-living crisis unlike anything most of us have witnessed in our lifetimes. For so many people, their money is already not going as far as it used to. Trips to the supermarket are often fraught with trepidation for many now. The […]

10 tips for adding flavour amid an awful week for Britain’s poor

It has been a thoroughly awful week for anyone struggling to make ends meet in Britain. Demonising the poor, making ridiculous suggestions about making meals for 30p without factoring in the rising cost of energy or food, yelling at people to budget better or buy supermarket own-brands (as if they haven’t thought of that already), […]

A super-simple pie hack

This week, I tweeted about something really simple – it is my pie hack for leftovers. It is a great way to ensure that not a skerrick of stew, casserole, pasta sauce or curry goes to waste. And we hate food waste here at Munching Matilda. I am almost embarrassed to devote a whole blog […]

Getting saucy for pancake day

As a fallen angel Church of England girl, pancake day – or Shrove Tuesday – is one of my favourite observances on the Christian calendar. Pancake day is a joyous observance, a day of fun and feasting before Ash Wednesday, which marks the start of Lent, a time traditionally set aside for reflection and self-sacrifice. […]

Taking stock of stock

I am not big on new year’s resolutions. Hell, in one of my day jobs (I’m a freelance journalist, writer and editor to pay the bills), I even blogged about how little I care for such things. But one resolution I made by accident – and, importantly, I am confident I can keep – is […]

Sam sings the praises of grazing

Many of the great cuisines of the world have a tradition of grazing on a variety of tastes: tapas in Spain, meze in the Middle East, dim sum in China. I love the idea of having a little bit of lots of different things so, in English parlance, I adore a picnic. It became a […]

Food shopping on a budget for four adults, by Sam Malin

As I shop and cook for four adults (all of whom are on a budget), planning is the key. We eat well and heartily every evening (except Saturdays when everyone is on their own) whilst using our pooled resources to keep the costs as low as possible. Food shopping on a budget can be a […]

The case for Christmas in July in the UK

At the time of writing – 5:22pm Thursday 16 December 2021 – Christmas in the UK has not been cancelled. There is another breaking story about another Downing Street lockdown party, this time with pizza, but Boris Johnson probably won’t impose the second Christmas lockdown in a row. This is because of politics rather than […]

Easy, affordable ways to add a punch of flavour to your cooking

Bland food is sad and largely unnecessary. You don’t need 1,000 different herbs and spices, like Colonel Sanders on steroids, to add an extra punch of flavour to your cooking. There are easily available staples that you can keep in the kitchen to liven up everything from a frozen pizza to a pasta sauce to […]

Musings on curry

I am a latecomer to curries, apart from the ubiquitous Thai green curries that sustained me for nearly a decade in Sydney. Growing up in rural Australia, I have no memories of family dinners in curry houses in Wagga Wagga or Bathurst and, apart from a delicious Burmese curry that Dad makes, they weren’t part […]