Pita chips. Yum. Quick, easily adapted, cheap. What is not to love ?

Obviously, there are few things nicer than a tortilla chip with lots of lovely dip.  I particularly love the cheesy ones. They are, however, stupidly expensive and, apparently, very bad for you. Not sure I believe that last bit.

A friend served me these incredibly easy substitutes many years ago and I have shamelessly passed them off as my own ever since. You can top them with whatever you want.  Spicy, cheesy, garlicky, herby.  Use your imagination. Just make sure your topping is not liquid otherwise you will defeat the purpose.

I am a huge fan of snack foods. I like grazing on a variety of things as often as I can. So, I usually make at least two types of chips at the same time.  Add some hummus, tzatziki, and guacamole and I am a happy bunny.

Easy and tasty pita chips


4 Large pita breads , capable of being split in half

Lots of butter – as much as you need


Garlic and parsley; or

Chili flakes; or

Parmesan and black pepper; or

Cayenne pepper; or

Cheddar and mustard.




Preheat the over to 160 degrees (or 140 degrees fan).

Split the pita bread in half and liberally butter the insides.  Buy the largest and thinnest pitas you can.

Then sprinkle over your choice of topping.  I have given a few examples above but do whatever you want. My favourite is grated parmesan with the little cayenne pepper but I am also partial to garlic and parsley as a topping.

Cut the pitas into triangles.  A large pita should produce about 1o-12 chips.

Spread the triangles on a baking tray and cook for about 10 mins.  All you want to achieve is to make them crisp up. They won’t be as solid as your favourite high street brand beginning with D but you really do not want them to be.

Serve with your favourite dips or, if you fancy, on their own.

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